♪ [light violin]

I knew that til the end,
I always get the Shemp.

So. How do we fix it?


With the new decade, JS* Media commits to improve and lead by example in personal and professional ethics. I’m personally laying this out to demonstrate my responsibilities.

The following are the major areas of focus:

Reinforced Equality

Every human life on Earth deserves fair treatment and the chance to cooperate and thrive from birth.

With that, I recognize the reality that many demographics of people are regularly discriminated both by individuals and systemic bias.

JS* Media is bound by a pledge to do its part in correcting these biases by seeking out diverse clients and partners, avoiding discriminatory and harmful acts that disfavor people based on sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, physical and mental ability, or career fields.

For this pledge to carry through, such detrimental behavior must be discouraged of our clients and partners as well.

In recent years, I have taken steps to reduce contact with known repeat offenders of discriminatory behavior, and all clients of JS* Media are now bound by an obligation to not use our labor and products in service of discriminatory behavior.

Personal Separation

JS* Media is the domain of my business and public activities.

In the past, I have let myself blur the line, maintaining that I am one with my own brand, and allowing myself to speak as one with it.

The time has come, however, to let my businesses speak for themselves, with my own identity as a guide rather than the totality of its existence.

My posts on social media and on my new personal website will be where I share my personal opinions and interact on a social level.